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Social Media Slams Yaya Mayweather For Bringing Newborn To Yacht Party



Folks seem to have a lot to say about Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather on social media.

The new mom was seen in a video having fun with her friends while holding her 5-week-old son KJ. The problem for some was that she was on a yacht standing on a bench just inches away from the edge.

“It doesn’t get anymore chaotic than yaya on a yacht with her newborn,” one person wrote, sharing screenshots from the affair.

Another person called the mom “dumb” for bringing the month-old child out on a yacht during a pandemic.

Before the event Yaya announced that she would be bringing Kentrell Jr.– her son fathered by rapper NBA Young Boy on his first yacht ride.

For the record both of her parents were on the yacht as well. Apparently the bash was to celebrate Floyd’s 44th birthday. Yaya’s mother Melissa even bragged that KJ is more famous than his grand-dad and is living better than most.


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While half that sentence is true … it doesn’t necessarily make it right. We really don’t care about her being out with the baby, it was the choppy boat and her being so close to the side for us.

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