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Barack “Knuck If You Buck” Obama Broke Friend’s Nose Over Racial Slur




Don’t start no ish, won’t be no ish … we have a feeling that was Barack Obama‘s energy when he had to check his childhood friend over a racial slur.

In his new podcast, Renegades: Born in the USA, our forever Prez sat-down with Bruce Springsteen and recounted a time in his youth where he reacted to racism with quick reflexes and a strong jab.

“When I was in school I had a friend, we played basketball together, and one time we got into a fight and he called me a c–n. Now first of all, ain’t no c–ns in Hawaii, right?” Obama says in the episode with a laugh, adding, “It’s one of those things where he might not even known what a c–n was. What he knew was, ‘I can hurt you by saying this.’ I remember I popped him in the face and broke his nose. … It was just reactive; I said, ‘What?!’ and I popped him.”

The incident, which happened when the boys were in seventh grade, left his friend shaken and Obama fired up! After the buddy asked him why did he do that, a young Barack responded, flat out stating, “Don’t you ever call me something like that.”

Clearly, Barack is about that life!

During their chat Obama, 59, and Springsteen, 71, delved into many topics including race, fatherhood, marriage, and of course, the state of America. Renegades: Born in the USA, which is an 8-part series between the two friends, is the second Spotify series from the Obamas’ production company, the first being Michelle Obama’s self-titled series that debuted in July.

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