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Biden Picks Kamala Harris For VP … But It’s Maya Rudolph Who Is Really Winning!




Finally, Joe Biden has picked his VP running mate and it’s the one and only Kamala Harris! Of course, timelines are ecstatic that a woman, who is of African and Indian descent, will be on ballot come November. But, it’s not lost on folks who the real winner is … Maya Rudolph!

After weeks of anticipation, Biden announced the news on social media Tuesday afternoon.

He followed up that tweet with another one praising Harris for the work she has done as Attorney General.

And the response was overwhelming hype! Folks hit their timeline with excitement for Kamala.

And many other people had that same level of excitement for Maya Rudolph who nailed her Harris impersonation on Saturday Night Live! numerous times!

All jokes aside, adding Kamala to the ticket is monumental! And our future VP is honored to be chosen for the role…

Congrats to Kamala Harris!

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1 Comment

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