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Forget You: Fans Slam CeeLo For Criticizing Cardi B And Meg The Stallion



Fans are saying “F–K You” to CeeLo Green!  If you didn’t know the Goodie Mob star shared his thoughts on rappers who make sexualized music a la Cardi B. and Meg The Stallion.

In a new interview, with Far Out magazine, CeeLo talked about his love of old pop music, before offering his thoughts on the current genre and seemed to suggest that more explicit content would come at a “cost” for the artists.

“A lot of music today is very unfortunate and disappointing on a personal and moral level,” he said.  “There was once a time when we were savvy enough to code certain things. We could express to those it was meant for with the style of language we used. But now music is shameless, it is sheer savagery.”

CeeLo added, “There should be a time and a place for adult content.”

Green’s comments arrive after Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B teamed up to release their new single ‘WAP’. He went on to name the rap stars by name and also said Nicki Minaj should be a better example for young artists.

“You have the ‘Heads of State,’ like Nicki Minaj or someone who is up there in accolade: success, visibility, a platform to influence. Nicki could be effective in so many other constructive ways, but it feels desperate.”

“Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, they are all more or less doing similar salacious gesturing to kinda get into position,” he added.  “I get it, the independent woman and being in control, the divine femininity and sexual expression. I get it all. It comes at what cost?”

His comments were met with backlash on social media, with many accusing him of misogyny. Folks also brought up his past sexual assault allegations and reminded the world of his shameful tweets about consent.

CeeLo must have heard those rocks hitting his glass house and he posted THIS message on his Instagram.


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