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 Maya Rudolph is a big Hillary Clinton supporter, but the ‘Saturday Night Live‘ alum told us if she could return to the show to play someone this election year it would have to be Donald Trump’s wife Melania.
HipHollywood caught up with Rudolph about her film Angry Birds, and also got her thoughts about spoofing Hillary and Trump. “I’m really still a fan of the show, and look forward to whoever is doing it,” said Rudolph. “But I would like to play Melania tho, I feel like that’s a fun territory. “
So what about Clinton? “They’ve got her on lock,” she exclaimed.  “Both Kate [McKinnon] and Amy [Poehler] have done a great job with her, they don’t need anymore Hillary’s.”
Rudolph did however get a chance to try out her Melania impersonation on the debut episode of her NBC variety show Maya & Marty. Rudolph hilariously hocked edible diamonds, and McKinnion, who guested on the show, plays an annoyed customer. Check it out below.

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