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LaKeith Stanfield Says He’s “Good” After Startling Posts Cause Fans To Fear For His Life




LaKeith Stanfield cause quite a stir on social media Monday night after posting a series of messages that seemed to imply he was ready to end his life. Thankfully, the “Get Out” actor is saying all is well.

The startling posts began with a video of Stanfield pouring alcohol into a pill bottle with the caption, “I like to be by myself because i can hurt myself and no one tells me to stop or fakes like they care.”

LaKeith followed that video with closer shots of the pill bottle with the captions, “Reality is boring and moves too slow and no one is trustworthy” and “bottoms up.” Immediately fans began praying for his safety and pleading for a wellness check.

After realizing that people were concerned for his well-being, Stanfield deleted the troubling messages and posted this update apologizing for making everyone worry.

LaKeith’s public relations rep also issued a statement saying the actor “is well.”

We’re glad to hear that he’s not harming himself, but we still hope there’s someone around him who’s keeping an eye on his well-being. Sending prayers his way!

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