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Wack 100 Thinks Megan Thee Stallion Is Lying About Being Shot By Tory Lanez



Wack 100 is sharing his two cents on the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez shooting case.

A video posted November 7th has audio of the music manager talking about the incident on Clubhouse and apparently he thinks Megan is lying. He thinks the Houston-Bred rapper would have sustained injuries far more severe after being shot in the foot. He also doesn’t think she would have been able to performing a few weeks later either.

“Let’s really do the math. Some of the strongest bones in our mother*cking body is in our foot right? If you take a bullet to that foot and it break them bones you are not walking backwards with your hands in the air. It is not happening. It’s not gonna f*cking happen,” he said referring to video from the incident showing Megan and Tory being pulled over by police. In the video you can see Meg doing a perp walk with a bloody foot.

“You gon lay yo ass down, man or woman,  and you gon scream like a mother*cking hoe. You gonna holler and scream and you not finna be on stage in 2-3 weeks twerking!” he added.

He goes on to share his theory — that Megan kicked the glass of the car which injured her foot after arguing with Tory. He also doesn’t think Lanez fired his gun at all because a gun residue test (GSR) has never been mentioned in the reports from regarding the incident.

As previously reported Megan says Lanez shot her in the foot following a night of partying in the Hollywood Hills. Lanez was arrested and booked for carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle, which is a felony. He posted bail and is a free man while the criminal case is pending. He has also publicly spoken about the incident and says he did not assault Meg.

So do agree with Wack’s theory? Share your thoughts the comments.

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