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Tory Lanez Arrested, Megan Thee Stallion Injured, WTH Is Going On?!




Oh lawd, Tory Lanez was arrested, somehow Megan Thee Stallion injured her foot, and people are blaming it on the Kardashian kurse. We will attempt to break it all down…


Tory, Meg, and Kylie Jenner hopped on IG live to show of their little pool party situation and stunt for da ‘Gram. If you listen closely, it sounds like someone says, “we have to turn down the music, the PD just came by.”


Fast forward to the wee hours of Sunday morning. According to TMZ, “police got a call of a disturbance outside a Hollywood Hills residence. When officers arrived, we’re told witnesses reported people were arguing in an SUV before someone fired shots in the air … and the vehicle took off.”

The description of the SUV fit that of Tory’s and when PD caught up with him Megan and another woman were also inside the car. Lanez was taken to jail and booked for carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle, which is a felony. MTS went to the hospital for cuts on her foot, possibly from broken glass. And no one knows anything about the unidentified woman.

And what does the internet make of all this? First, they think it’s odd that one night with a Jenner lands you in the hospital or jail…

And after looking at Tory’s booking sheet, they’re clowning the fact that the rapper is only 5’3″ and 120lbs.

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