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David Oyelowo Talks British Vs. American Casting Controversy And Reveals His Favorite Accent To Use!



Peter Rabbit is back! The mischievous rabbit and his animal friends are back wreaking havoc in theaters now so it was only right we caught up with cast mate David Oyelowo!

We spoke with the David O. where he dished on what it was like on set and more. The British African  actor also spoke on the controversy behind British actors playing American roles and vice versa.

“It’s called acting you know you’re playing someone other than yourself. I’m nothing like Nigel Basel Jones and that’s what I love about it. I think that’s what the audience wants to see. The audience wants an actor playing different versions of themselves. So regardless of the debate around African vs British or whatever, look at what that art form is. It’s about going to the character not the character coming to you.”

David also says his favorite accent to play is the Jamaican accent and from the looks of it, he probably sounds better than a lot of us!


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