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Steve Harvey Says He Doesn’t Have Female Friends In Resurfaced Interview



Steve Harvey is trending after video surfaced of him explaining why he doesn’t have female friends.

Over the years Steve’s take on relationships, marriage and success has caused much debate on Twitter. Remember his theory that wealthy people don’t sleep 8 hours a day?

Now, the “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” author has set off a firestorm online thanks to an interview he did on CNN in 2010. Harvey was on the show “Face To Face With Fredricka” to discuss his new book “Straight Talk No Chaser: How to Find, Keep, and Understand a Man.”

In the resurfaced clip Harvey tells host Fredricka Whitfield  that his friendships are with men only because he’s incapable of having female friends.


“All of my friends are men. I don’t have female friends, I don’t. I’m incapable of that. I don’t really have female friends,” he said.

When the Whitfield asks if it’s because he’s married, he replies, “Let’s get rid of this myth right here” before explaining his theory on male/female relationships. According to Harvey men in general are incapable of being friends with women especially if they are attractive.

“We remain your friends in hopes that one day they’ll be a crack in the door,”  he explains. “A cheek in the armor, and trust and believe that guy you think that’s just your buddy—he will slide in that crack the moment he gets the opportunity cause we’re guys. 99.9% of us think that way.”

Harvey, who has been married to wife Marjorie for 13 years, quickly trended on Twitter as fans reacted to the video. Some agreed with his stance while others thought he was loud and wrong once again.

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