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Steve Harvey Gets Dragged For His Wealth Over Sleep Theory



Steve Harvey has put his foot in his big mouth AGAIN!

The daytime host and comedian made some recent remarks on his eponymous talk show, that now has folks on social media pissed. On Tuesday a video surfaced online of Harvey lecturing his in-studio audience about success and according to him there’s no rest for the wealthy. Yep you read that right.

“Rich people don’t sleep eight hours a day!” the comedian said emphatically in a clip that has gone viral. “That’s a third of your life. It ain’t but 24 hours in a day. You cannot be sleep eight hours a day. You can’t live in L.A. and wake up at 8 o’ clock in the morning. It’s 11 o ‘clock on the east coast. The stock market [has] been open two hours. They already making decisions about your life and your a-s was sleep.”

The Steve Harvey Show posted his full “sermon” online titled “Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone” to help put the clip into context.

According to Harvey you have to go the extra mile to reach your dreams and sleep was just “an example” of something you have to give up to be successful.

Still, critics on social media were quick to call out his sleeping comments as nonsensical. Model Chrissy Teigen, whose net worth was estimated by Forbes to be more than $13 million, was one of them.

Others also pointed to quotes from some of the worlds richest like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg who have all stated that they get a proper nights sleep.

We prefer to go with the National Sleep Foundation and CDC‘s recommended amount of sleep for younger to older adults: 7-9 hours.

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1 Comment

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