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Tyrese Shaves His Woman’s Bikini Area On Instagram



Tyrese and his new girlfriend are taking TMI to new levels.

On Sunday Ty’s rumored boo Zelie Timothy shared a video with her legs in the air while Tyrese took a razor to her hooha. We’re not making this up. In the video posted to Zelie’s Instagram Stories, the singer and actor proudly holds ups a razor as he talks about his technique and what products he likes to use.

Zelie captioned the post: “I will never let go of may King. But does your man shave you though?” She added the rolling eye emoji as if to say she’s annoyed. The bigger question is why post it?

To make matters even more confusing on Sunday (April 24), Tyrese also shared video from an Oscar viewing party he was hosting at his home with Jamie Foxx. In the posts he appears to have on the same clothes as he does in the shaving video. Insert deep sigh.

Of course Twitter was in a tizzy and Tyrese was trending once again.

One user wrote: So Tyrese was doing what he was doing with a house full of people tonight?

While another said: Tyrese needs help

If you’re wondering how Tyrese went from vowing to get his wife back to this, shaving his woman’s lady parts on social media, you’re not alone. He and Zelie just made their romance public back in March during NBA All Star Weekend. In a recent Instagram post she thanked the “Sweet Lady” singer for whining and dining her and making her feel like a queen.


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