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Sherri Shepherd Thinks CBS Should Fire Sharon Osbourne



Sherri Shepherd is sticking up for her girl Sheryl Underwood following her incident with Sharon Osbourne on The Talk.

The veteran talk show host told Yahoo Entertainment that she thinks Osbourne was out of line talking to Sheryl like that and wishes there was more concern over how Sheryl was treated.

“I think everybody’s been talking about Sharon, Sharon, Sharon. But what did Sheryl Underwood have to go through on The Talk when she had to speak in very slow and measured terms, and to talk to Sharon while Sharon was going off.”

During the The Talk‘s March 10 on-air debate about racism “Mrs. O” lashed out at Underwood for questioning her defense of Piers Morgan’s controversial comments.

Having gone through seven seasons of “Hot Topics” on The View, Shepherd feels, “It crosses a line when you’re a grownup and somebody tells you what you can and cannot do emotionally. When they tell you: You are not allowed to cry,” which Osbourne told Underwood during the emotional exchange.

“Um, I’m grown,” Shepherd says her reaction would be. “I’m raising children. This is a job for me, the way it is for you. So how dare you tell me how I can act? I think that was definitely crossing the line. I would expect an apology to be forthcoming because you’re two grown women.”

Paparazzi also rolled up on Sherri at LAX and she said she thinks CBS should give Osbourne the boot if there’s some truth to allegations of racism and bullying on her part. “They gotta do this investigation. If what she said is true about Julie, and Leah, and Holly… it’s just consequences,” she said.

As previously reported The Talk was put on an extended hiatus amid CBS’s investigation into the heated show — as well as subsequent allegations of racism against Osbourne, including by former co-host Leah Remini.

“I think they should probably clean house over at “The Talk”,” added Shepherd. “Maybe let Sheryl be the moderator, I think she’d be great.”

We’d actually love to see Sherri over at The Talk too, but she’s already busy co-hosting “Dish Nation” and now has a new show coming this fall. Shepherd is set to produce and star in the ABC pilot, Black Don’t Crack playing a single mom who tries to get her life back and return to her glory days.

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