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Ebro Darden Defends Calling Saweetie’s Freestyle Skills ‘Basic’



Saweetie’s viral appearance on “Ebro In The Morning” is back in the spotlight …again!

Saweetie graced the cover of the April issue of Cosmopolitan and discussed the infamous interview where Ebro called her freestyle “basic” and laughed in her face. She told Cosmo the incident gave her self doubt and she developed PTSD.

“I went from being so loved so quickly because of ‘Icy Girl’ to, on my first promo run, well, you saw the interview. The script flipped really quick, like night and day. I had PTSD from that.”

Ebro seemingly took to Twitter a few hours after the interview dropped and starting sharing his opinion on artists. “Please don’t confuse success in the music business with being good at making music,” he said.

Unfortunately his mentions began flooding with fans defending Saweetie to which he replied, “I’m just tweeting listening to music and having discussions, then boom! My tweet is aligned with some other bullshit I ain’t even know happened. Damn.”

He then went on to say he thinks Saweetie is a sweetie and has some good records too.

He also said in the comments of a post from The Neighborhood Talk that he was just being honest about her skills at that time.

“You want to rap and it’s just ‘cool,’ we gone tell you,” he said. “So happy for her success, but that doesn’t mean we can be dishonest about freestyles…”

We definitely think Saweetie’s skills have improved since that interview. You guys let us know in the comments.

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