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Derrick Jaxn’s Wife Opens Up About Decision To Stay With Him



Derrick Jaxn’s wife Da’Naia Jaxn is addressing the internet’s concerns regarding her decision to stay with her cheating husband.


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After Derrick posted a video admitting to cheating on his wife all hell broke loose on Twitter. Folks not only dragged the relationship expert for not practicing what he preached, but also alleged Da’Naia was in the sunken place.

Da’Naia addressed the concerns with a post of her own on Instagram and said her marriage has been resurrected by the blood of Jesus.

Derrick and Da’Naia have been married for three years (and together for 12 years) during which time he admitted to cheating with SEVERAL women including You Tube star Candice De Medeiros.

Candice spilled the tea about her years long relationship during an interview on UnWine With Tasha K. According to her Jaxn said he and his wife were separated. She said they also went on trips, spent his birthday together and had sex in his marital bed.

Whew Lord. We hate to say it but we think Da’Naia should send his ass back to the streets but that’s just our two cents.

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