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Keke Wyatt Weeps While Apologizing For Claiming Black People Aren’t The Only Ones Oppressed




Keke Wyatt is clearing the air and crying while doing so. The powerhouse vocalist came under fire for her passionate statements about race and culture recently — namely emphasizing that Black folks are the only ones who have faced oppression. Naturally, the comments blew up, so now she’s apologizing.

Wyatt visited the ladies of “Cocktails with Queens” and opened straight out the gate with an apology for her comments from last week. “I just want to start out by saying that I am truly sorry about the way I spoke and what I said. I feel like it could have come off way better — at the end of the day I am a Black woman,” the bi-racial singer told the hosts. Keke also told of her upbringing where her white mother raised her to be a “beautiful Black Queen.”

Wyatt went on to explain the situation that lead to her public apology saying that although she was defending herself after feeling attacked, she had to take responsibility because, “at the end of the day I represented myself, my people, my culture, my God, my family, in a horrible manner and I know better.”

The situation all started a week ago when Wyatt was a guest on The Mahne Tea chat featured on Bigo. During the conversation, the mother of 9 initially got into a heated exchange with a man known as Mc Shakie over chicken. Keke then made comments about him looking like a “green-haired monkey.”

Those comments fueled a firestorm directed at Wyatt with many claiming her comments were colorist. She then made another appearance on The Mahne Tea refuting that she was in anyway racist by bringing up that Black people aren’t the only ones who face racism — bi-racial people do, too.

“Black people are not the only ones who have gone through that. Look at the Jews!” she yelled at Milan Christopher during an episode of “The Mahne Tea”. “I don’t understand. We biracial, right. We love everybody, but then you got your certain black folks that just ‘ni**a, ni**a, ni**a, ni**a’… You have to understand black people are not the only people that have been oppressed. They are not the only ones, my ni**a!” she stated.

“Jewish people have been oppressed, okay. I can keep going. I’m biracial! We f***in’ oppressed ’cause black people done made us feel like s**t! White people make us feel like s**t! You don’t know that life!” she exclaimed.

What do you think of Keke initial comments and her subsequent apology?

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