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How Keke Wyatt Went From Suicidal Thoughts To A Secret Marriage In Just One Year!



Keke Wyatt was down (and almost out) last year, but this year the songbird is soaring higher than ever!

You may remember last September when Wyatt revealed on Instagram that her husband Michael Jamar wanted a divorce — even though she was 8 months pregnant with their 9th child and her second oldest was battling cancer!

However, what you may not know is things got even worse for the R&B Divas star. And at one point, the songstress says she thought, “it would be better for everyone involved if I just didn’t exist anymore.” Keke is now sharing the test that turned into her testimony!

In a revealing interview with TMZ, Wyatt opens up about having to swallow her pride and abide by her vows when the man who wanted to divorce her suddenly got into a near fatal car accident. “Being the legal wife she uprooted and moved to Memphis, TN to be by his side while he recovered from an accident that almost took his life,” the gossip site reveals. And as Keke put it, “I was his wife, he was the father of my children. God says to love and love unconditionally, so that’s what I did.” During that two months recovery, Michael couldn’t walk or talk. Keke was responsible for all of his health care decisions and sat by his side day after day and night after night. But when Michael finally came out of his coma and was taken off of all machines he made the decision to return to the women who had been his mistress during his marriage. “At that point I had washed my hands of the whole thing and I totally let it go,” Wyatt stated.

But like a phoenix, Keke has soared from the ashes of her last relationship and has finally found her “happy”. Now with nine children, and a child who is finally cancer-free, Keke has found love again — and his name is Zachariah Darring.

This knight in shining armor is actually a blast from the past. As Keke shared, “He just so happens to be her very first childhood boyfriend who grew up with her in Indianapolis, IN.” And apparently, he’s been waiting in the wings for Ms. Wyatt! Darring has been single and celibate for the past 6 years praying for his wife. As of October 17, 2018, with only a small number of family, they were married. And Keke couldn’t be happier!

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