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Michael Ealy Was Completely Terrified Of Hilary Swank Filming ‘Fatale’



Michael Ealy is back in another thriller but this time it’s Hilary Swank playing crazy.

In Fatale directed by Deon Taylor the Oscar winning actress plays a scorned lover who takes fatal attraction to another level, so much so even Ealy was terrified while filming.

“She was absolutely terrifying to the point where I went up to her husband and said I’m not trying to tell you not to be married but don’t f*ck this up,” he joked. “She just had these subtle nuances that were so dark and disturbing.”

“She’s a genius,” added producer Roxanna Taylor, “And it’s the reason why she has two Academy awards.”

Swank says she enjoyed every minute of it and thinks in the end viewers will empathize with her character.

“She’s bad ass but she’s also someone that wants a second chance and she doesn’t get it and she spirals out,” said Swank. “I think thats something we can all relate to. That doesn’t mean we’d make the same choices but you can also understand why she was making those choices.”

Fatale is available On Demand now.

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