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Jamie Foxx Wants To Work With Jim Carrey Again, Praises Tina Fey In ‘Soul’



We all know Jamie Foxx has ‘Soul’ … so it’s no surprise he’s making history as the first Black lead in a Pixar animated movie with his role in the upcoming film playing band teacher Joe Gardner.

We caught up with the Oscar winner about the milestone achievement and starring opposite fellow comedian Tina Fey.

“To be the first African American lead in a Pixar animated film is beautiful man, as well it should be,” said Foxx. “It’s a great natural progression.”

Foxx who got his start on sketch comedy series In Living Color said he loved finally getting a chance to work with Saturday Night Live alum Tina Fey.

“I’m a stand-up, and for all you comedians out there, she’s a technician, she knows how to get it, I was writing stuff down, because she’s a writer she started out as a writer … I was just pleased to be in the movie with her,” he confessed.

And speaking of ‘SNL’, when asked if he’d like to join his pal Carrey, who at the time was playing Joe Biden on the hit show, Foxx lit up with excitement. “We just need to get together and cook, I remember watching him write [Ace Ventura] Pet Detective, I sat in his room while he was writing it, so you know we got some history.”

Soul also starring Phylicia Rashad and David Digga releases on Disney+ on Christmas Day.

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