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Chrissy Teigen Gets Candid About Her “Frustrating” Post-Pregnancy Body




Chrissy Teigen is known for keeping a hunnid on Instagram — and it’s because she so real that her fans love her. This time she’s opening up about the “frustrating” effects of her last pregnancy and the sadness she feels knowing she’ll never carry another child again.

Just three months ago Teigen and husband, John Legend, encountered an unimaginable pain as the couple lost their unborn son whom they named Jack. In true Chrissy fashion, she shared her grief with her social media followers in a series of heartbreaking photos. And now, continuing in that same pattern of openness, the “Cravings” cook book author is sharing the after effects of that pain.

In a photo showcasing a side-view of her figure, the 35-year-old model revealed that she still has “bump” that is “honestly, frustrating.” Chrissy also shares that she’s sad she’ll never experience pregnancy again, but is truly grateful for the kids she does have, Luna, 4, and Miles, 2.

“I love being pregnant, so so much, and I’m sad I never will be again. But I am lucky to have two amazing little ones who are transforming into big little people more and more every single day.”

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