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Are Tyler Perry Thirst Traps The Gift That Keeps On Giving?




The holiday season is upon us, but in a pandemic the gifts may not look like they used to. And in this year of 2020, Tyler Perry‘s gift to the world seems to be an increasing amount of thirst traps on social media. For the record, this is one more thing we didn’t have on our BINGO card…

TP is known for a lot of things, writing, directing, and probably most notably dressing up in his Sunday’s best as the loud, yet lovable Madea. But, apparently, gone are the days of dressing as a lady and, in turn, Perry has been stripping down to show off his pecks.

Folks first started noticing the 51-year-old trying to give Zaddy vibes when he posted this pic in October. It was Tyler like we’ve never seen him before — looking svelte, with a little swag, and dare we say … almost sexy?

Most people chalked it up as a fluke, or maybe crazy COVID brain, but then TP kept the thirst traps coming and with this latest one, folks are now wondering if this foine version of the filmmaker is here to stay?!

Tyler seems to have picked on the fact that fans are loving his new physique and full beard. The newly-minted billionaire posted in his latest caption, “I’m 51, single and wondering what the next chapter in my life will look like.”

Okkkkk Tyler, single and ready to mingle! If TP pops up on your dating app are you swiping left or right?

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