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Lamar Odom & Fiance Sabrina Parr Trade Subliminal Jabs On Social Media … Again



Sabrina Parr and Lamar Odom’s relationship may be the rocks … again.

Parr posted a cryptic note on Instagram that read: “No human can be trusted! I don’t care who they are or what they represent in your life. If they are human, they are flawed & you never know what they are capable of doing! Only person you can trust is God!!!!”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this is probably about her on-again off-again relationship with the former NBA star. Then Odom posted a message of his own on Instagram to add to our suspicions.

“When you been through what I’ve been through you don’t get bothered by much. I see you be quick to talk about a man’s past but what about his future, just a thought …” he wrote.

In the caption he elaborated a little more about his past struggle with drugs and how’s he’s been staying sober during the pandemic.

“It’s no secret I am a recovering addict, I fight hard everyday for my sobriety 💪🏾 during this pandemic It’s a wonder I didn’t lose my mind.”

“So call me what you want to call me, I know what I can’t call y’all….” he added before listing off his career achievements in sports.


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Just last month Parr announced the couple’s wedding was off. Then she shared on Instagram a few days later a photo of them celebrating their engagement anniversary.

We honestly can’t keep up with these two, but think they should BOTH stop running to social media every time something happens between them.

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1 Comment

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