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Erykah Badu Share’s Bizarre COVID-19 Results



Erykah Badu Share's Bizarre COVID-19 Results

Erykah Badu is perplexed by her recent COVID-19 diagnosis and … so are we.

According to Badu she somehow tested both negative and positive for the virus. The Grammy-winning artist shared the news Friday, telling fans that while she was asymptomatic, she tested positive in ONLY her left nostril.

“No symptoms. Was tested for COVID. Same machine. Left nostril positive. Right nostril negative,” she tweeted. “Maybe they need to call Swiss Beats so they can do a versus between them.”

Badu said her doctor only reported the positive result. She also attached a screenshot of the unusual result from her rapid test.

She added that she and her crew are required to take a COVID-19 test prior to any live stream broadcasts for the safety of the band and staff members. Thankfully no one is ill and everyone on her team is doing fine.

Back in March Badu announced she would be starting her corona concert series and charging $1 dollar. The move initially sparked some controversy, amongst some fans who felt it was incentive to charge people during the pandemic.

Despite the backlash, she’s continued on with the series and all has been well.

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