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Erykah Badu Announces $1 Online Corona Concert From Bedroom



Erykah Badu Announces Quarantine Concert Series

First Chris Martin, then John Legend … and now Erykah Badu. As more and more folks are forced to stay at home amidst the coronavirus pandemic, artist are getting creative and entertaining their fans online from the comfort of their home.

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Badu announced on social media Wednesday that this weekend she’s doing a performance of sorts, from her bedroom. The details are scarce, but it appears that fans can vote on the song that they want and it only costs $1. She said in the video post:

“Peace and Love. The show must go on. Introducing, the quarantine concert series, live from my bedroom. We’ll be performing right here live, this weekend. Livestream. One dollar to get in. We got to keep movin’ y’all. We got to keep this thing going. We are a community of artists whose survival depends on performing, creating, laughing, living and loving and we still alive. Stay tuned. We’ll let you know the rest of the details very, very soon. Peace and love.”

But while Debbie Allen hosted a free dance class and even Keith Urban offered a free concert from his basement, Badu is charging folks. And … apparently people felt a way about that. They argued that during these times, Erykah shouldn’t be seeking to profit off of people who are all “suffering” in varying degrees. People questioned whether or not the money would be donated, given there are hundreds, if not thousands of charities that could use it right now.

There were also people who were hype (like us).

Badu’s announcement comes on the heels of her wearing a Louis Vuitton hazmat suit to the Texas Film Awards.

Erykah Badu wear Louis Vuitton hazmat suit

Erykah Badu receives the Soundtrack Award during the Austin Film Society’s 20th annual Texas Film Awards at Creative Media Center at Austin Studios on March 12, 2020 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

So … do you think she should charge people for a concert during the coronavirus pandemic.  Let us know in the comments below.

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