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Is Kylie Jenner The Key To Curbing The Coronavirus? Surgeon General Thinks So!




Kylie Jenner can do a few things — create some lip kits, post cute IG pics, etc. — but can she help curb the spread of the aggressive coronavirus? Welp, the Surgeon General thinks so!

Surgeon General Jerome Adams stopped by “Good Morning America” with a special plea — calling on influencers to, well, influence their generation to stay their a**es in the house! In an all hands on deck proposal, the SG called out KJ, along with CONVID-19 infected players, Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell, to persuade Gen Z (and some Millennials) to stop going out.

“We need to get Kylie Jenner and social media influencers out there, in helping folks understand that look, this is serious, this is absolutely serious. People are dying,” Adams told the ABC show. “We are seeing new data from Italy that suggests that young people may be at higher risk than what we previously thought,” he said. “But think about your grandfather, think about your grandmother, think about the fact you’re spreading disease that could ultimately be what kills them.”

For Kylie’s part, the 21-year-old mother of one says her pregnancy prepared her for this quarantine life. In an IG story, Jenner stated she didn’t leave her house for months when she was pregnant with Stormi.

Will Kylie Jenner telling you to stay home actually get you to stay home?

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