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Common Addresses Jaguar Wright Sexual Assault Allegations



Common Addresses Jaguar Wright Sexual Assault Allegations

Common is finally addressing allegations he sexually assaulted Philadelphia native singer Jaguar Wright. Wright sounded off on Instagram in August, alleging she was sexually assaulted and put in awful situations with famous colleagues like Common, Talib Kweli, and members of The Roots.

On Friday Common talked about Jaguar during an interview with Philadelphia’s “Rise and Grind Morning Show.”

“Let me say this. God bless, Jaguar. I really don’t have any negative thoughts towards her,” he said. “I was for surely disappointed and hurt when she said what she said about me because it wasn’t true. And I know people that have experienced sexual assault and that’s not anything to just say if it’s not true. But I also just understand that she may be going through some things that I don’t understand.”

“So in all truth, I went through different emotions,” he continues.  “I was like, ‘oh man, why is she saying this? This is not true. How’s this gon’ affect me?’”

“Eventually I got to the space where I’m saying, man, I’m sending her positive thoughts and prayers because obviously the things that she’s saying, it just wasn’t true. And she might not be in a great space.”

Following her comments about Common, Wright took to social media to apologize to his girlfriend Tiffany Haddish.

In recent months, Jaguar has also made outlandish claims about singers Mary J. Blige, Tevin Campbell and Summer Walker. Campbell clapped back on Twitter and even threatened to sue Jaguar after she claimed he was once a sex worker on Hollywood Blvd.

We certainly agree with Common that she may need some help and are seriously praying for her mental health.

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