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Diddy Launches “Our Black Party” … And The Backlash Is Swift!




Folks are revolting against Diddy in droves. The Bad Boy head honcho has launched a new initiative, Our Black Party, but people think that Puff isn’t the leader we necessarily need.

Diddy is demanding change. His “Our Black Party” mission is “to create a platform to help advance a political agenda that addresses the needs of Black people.” Initially, the two-step king was telling Black people to withhold their vote until promises concerning the community were enacted. Now, in a conversation with Charlamagne the God, Diddy is doing an about face and saying we should follow his initiative and vote for Biden.

Diddy also says we need to build up a Black political army and build coalitions with communities, community leaders, and organizations that are Black-led and serving Black communities.

And while this all sounds well and good, fans on Twitter are giving Diddy and his plan the side eye…

What do you think — is Diddy on to something or way off base?

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