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ABFF Watchlist: “G.O.D.” Offers A Grim Yet Plausible Glimpse At The Future




Let’s face it, COVID 19 has changed the way we operate in the world, and unfortunately (or fortunately?), we may never go back to the old normal. That makes the new film G.O.D. – Givers of Death all the more frightening. The 2020 ABFF Official Selection has been drumming up major buzz during the week-long festival and it’s not hard to see why.

The American Black Film Festival (ABFF) is an annual event dedicated to recognizing Black talent and showcasing quality film and television content by and about people of African descent. This year G.O.D. – Givers of Death is one of those films, but it’s plot-line has folks making parallel comparisons to what we’re facing with coronavirus…

G.O.D. – Givers of Death is an apocalyptic tale of redemption. An incurable virus has wiped out one third of the world’s population. Many infected commit suicide to end their agony. Those who cannot bring themselves to end their own lives hire professionals. This is the journey of a hitman’s quest for peace as he navigates through a city on the brink of collapse, while on the run from a detective seeking revenge.

Thankfully, things in the real world haven’t reached this fever pitch … and hopefully they never do. When speaking about the film, writer/director/star Addison Henderson, stated “I got the idea for G.O.D. while working with Chadwick Boseman on the film 21 Bridges. I wanted people to examine the meaning to life, question the universe, question God, and really think about what peace means to them. Inspiration hit me like a wave. I wrote day and night. And as soon as we wrapped, I went to Buffalo and started raising capital for G.O.D. From script to screen was a nine-month process. It was grueling and there were times when I didn’t think it was going to work out. But my team and I pulled through and brought my vision of G.O.D. to life.” Henderson’s “team” also includes producers Leah L. Cohen-Mays, Mac Cappuccino, and Trent Boiling. The cast includes Louis Lombardi, J.J. Alfieri, and Josie DiVincenzo.

Take a look at the trailer below … but don’t get any ideas.

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