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Amanda Seales Announces She’s Leaving ‘The Real’



Amanda Seales Opens Up About Leaving The Real

Amanda Seales says she not renewing her contract with The Real. The actress and comedian did an interview with producer and actor Brandon Victor Dixon and said that she is leaving the daytime talk show.


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The 38-year-old said she felt she was not able to express herself properly as a black woman on the show.

“It doesn’t feel good to my soul to be at a place where I can not speak to my people the way they need to be spoken to,” she said. “And where the people that are speaking to me in despairing ways are not being handled.”

She continued: “I’m not at a space where, as a full black woman, I can have my voice and my co-workers also have their voices, and where the people at the top are not respecting the necessity for black voices to be at the top, too.”

The news is kind of shocking since Seales has only been on the show 6 months and was finally added to replace Tamar Braxton who was unceremoniously let go in 2016.

Sources tell HipHollywood that there may have also been some tension between Seales and producers. During her brief time Seales did make headlines for her commentary during hot topics segments, rumored tension with co-host Jeannie Mai or friction with guests.

Seales noted on Twitter that viewers should have seen her departure coming when she wore cornrows for a group promo shot.

“LMAO at the second pic. That was the day i decided. Y’all shoulda known it was a wrap when I showed up on daytime television with 3 cornrows 😂😂😂 protect ya peace, y’all ✨

She also clarified that there is no beef with her co-hosts Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Adrienne Houghton, despite reports.

“Do not try to create some false dissention between me and the co-hosts of The Real. Y’all so f—ing corny. There is a whole pandemic and an uprising going on, and you still can’t find s— else to do but try and create some kind of conflict that doesn’t exist? I did not unfollow Loni Love. I haven’t unfollowed anybody,” she said. “What ya’ll don’t understand is grown women do grown women business. That’s what y’all don’t understand, and what I gotta do with my business ain’t got nothing to do with them sisters.”


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