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UPDATED: Third Trimester Tristan Strikes AGAIN … Is Khloe Really Pregnant By Her Cheating Baby Daddy?




Khloe has responded to the rumors … she is NOT pregnant.

Crazy how you do a reality show, and people start talking about your reality. Makes you wonder — should fans NOT keep up with the Kardashians and just “focus on their own lives/families”?


This is the worst deja vu ever. Apparently, after allllll the ish Khloe Kardashian has been through with Tristan Thompson, she has gone back to the poisonous well for yet another sip.

Fans suspect that KK is pregnant again by her cheating ex. The former flames share daughter True, but it looks like number two may be on the way after folks starting putting all the clues together.

So, how did we get here? First, it all started when Kardashian revealed that she was in the process of freezing her eggs and had already contacted TT about fertilizing them. On an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe stated, “After my doctor’s appointment, I talked to Tristan. Because if you can create embryos and do all the DNA testing, I do think that’s the smarter choice.” Smarter is questionable, but we digress.

Fans also spotted more clues on Khloe’s Instagram that lead them to believe that she’s not just thinking about using her ex as a sperm donor, but that she’s already gone through with the process. Recent pics of the reality star are all cropped to hid her stomach or they’re older full body shots. Additionally, she did post a full body video, but her body was hidden under baggy clothing. Also, these super sleuth fans have noticed Khloe has been snacking on sugary treats more often as opposed to her usually healthy diet.

ON one hand, all of these clues could really point to a pregnancy — on the other hand, these fans have too much time on their hands. Regardless, folks on Twitter are calling Khloe a clown for having another kid with the man who cheated on her repeatedly, humiliated her, and caused her little sister Kylie to completely end her friendship with Jordyn Woods.

Do you think it’s worth having the same baby daddy for all your kids even if that dude isn’t always the greatest?

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