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Boosie Is Problematic AF And It’s Time We Say Something…




Boosie is quite the character on social media — you can always count on him to say something controversial, but most times it’s all in jest. However, with his recent comments, it’s time we as a community stop laughing at his harmful and problematic statements.

Initially, it was his comments about Zaya Wade, the transgender daughter of Dwyane Wade, that gave most people pause. Boosie’s suggestion that Wade was wrong in the way his was parenting his child was egregious and ill-informed.

Now, ironically, it’s Boosie’s parenting model that is being called into question and the offenses have folks calling for immediate legal action! In an Instagram live the Baton Rouge rapper revealed that his solicited oral sex for his sons when they were just pre-teens. The admission is shocking, but what’s more concerning is his mindset and the ones who agree…

Warning: The video below contains graphic language, and if the content is true, the mention of illegal acts.

The backlash was immediate and swift. People are calling for CPS to get involved and are pointing out that if Boosie held the same thought process concerning his daughter’s there would be more outrage.

Clearly, there are deeper issues at play here, but what do you think should be done about Boosie’s actions?

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1 Comment

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