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Shannon Brown Arrested … A Look At his Downward Spiral




Shannon Brown is sending mixed messages and the confusion led to gunfire and an arrest. It’s a weird story that started with a for sale sign, but ended in near death.

The former Lakers stars seems like he wants to sell his home in Tyrone, GA. He put up a “For Sale” sign in the front yard and when a couple showed up to visit the property, someone let them inside. However, while inside, the couple claims they were confronted by Shannon who “agreed to let them go”. But, as they were leaving, they allege Brown shot at them.

The couple called the cops later that evening, around 9:45pm, claiming the two-time NBA champion fired about 5 or 6 shots their way. When police investigated the scene the found one shell casing, this according to TMZ. The event occurred on May 2nd, and Brown was subsequently arrested for aggravated assault — he bonded out May 4th.

This is just the latest in a string of disappoints for the 34-year-old. Brown, who was once a star in the NBA, hadn’t played since 2014. He was relegated to the G-league for a few seasons, but that ended in 2018. Just a year later, in 2019, Brown and his wife, singer Monica, divorced … this was after persistent cheating rumors that stemmed back to 2016. Following that news Brown gave a few bizarre interviews and made questionable choices with his comments (and his hair).

And now, we’re here. We just hope that Shannon is able to get back on a positive path.

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