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Mary Mary Is Confused For The City Girls And Twitter Got Jokes!




Gospel group Mary Mary is known for a lot of things, but raunchy lyrics and jail stints isn’t one of them. This is what makes the following story all the more hilarious! The sister duo of Tina Campbell and Erica Campbell has been mistaken for rap group City Girls and the jokes are endless.

City Girls is compromised of JT and Yung Miami — two young ladies from Miami who rap about their vibrant sex lives and penchant for taking advantage of men monetarily. On the flip side, Tina and Erica often sing about their vibrant worship lives and reaping the blessing of their Heavenly Father. The two groups could not be more different. But, that didn’t matter when a man affectionately known as Pops hopped on Tik Tok and confused the two duos…

In his defense, he didn’t know a lot of the artists, but it’s his mix-up of Mary Mary for City Girls that has Twitter in shambles.

But maybe pops was on to something! Just a few months ago, Instagram user @JThorpe3 posted this imaginative Billboard cover inspired by the City Girls cover with the same hairstyle…

See the resemblance?

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