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Oprah Reached Out To Ahmaud Arbery’s Mother … But What Did She Say?




Oprah Winfrey not only walked the walked, but she talked the talked in regards to the unjust slaying of Ahmaud Arbery. The talk show icon called Arbery’s mother to offer her condolences and much more.

On Friday, Lady O, like thousands across the nation, honored Ahmaud by jogging on what would have be the young man’s birthday. Unfortunately, jogging while Black cost Arbery his life, so most people did 2.23 miles to signify the date he was murdered and as a show of demanding justice. Winfrey did 2.26 miles to celebrate what would have been Arbery’s 26th birthday. However, in addition to her jog, Oprah reached out to Wanda Cooper-Jones, Ahmaud’s mother, to offer support in a way only she could.

Cooper-Jones, tells TMZ she was “in disbelief when she answered the phone to find Oprah on the other end.” Wanda revealed that O “said she was thinking of Ahmaud’s family on what should have been his special day,” and that she “hopes the family gets justice.” But Winfrey didn’t stop there … she also has something special in the mail for Arbery’s mother. No word on what the something special is, but it’s Oprah, so you can imagine it’s thoughtful and heartfelt.

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