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Explosive Details: Source Believes R. Kelly Could Walk In Upcoming Trial



Source Says R. Kelly Could Beat Charges In Upcoming Trial

Either R. Kelly’s team is delusional or they have some kind of trick up their sleeve that could shock the world. According to a source close to the singer, who spoke exclusively to HipHollywood, the feeling in his inner circle is that Kelly has a good chance to beat all the charges he is currently facing. “Don’t be surprised if he walks out of that court room with, at worst, probation,” claims the source.

Which seems almost ridiculous considering that Kelly was slapped with a string of new federal charges in New York just weeks ago. The new indictment adds several allegations of abuse from a victim identified as “Jane Doe 5” and also claims Kelly knowingly spread the herpes virus to two people. If convicted, two of the new counts would carry minimum 10 year sentences, according to prosecutors.

R. Kelly Tries To Get Released From Jail Because Of Coronavirus

When asked about those charges and the others pending in both Chicago and Minnesota, our source claimed that Kelly’s team is so confident that they turned down a plea agreement. While the source did not specify who presented the deal, they claim Kelly was recently offered a plea agreement that proposed 3-5 years of prison time and would have required the singer to register as a level 3 sex offender. That would be considered a mere slap on the wrist for a man who has been arraigned seven times in little over a year on a number sex abuse charges.

Kelly continues to maintain his innocence against all the allegations and, according to our source, the singer has plenty of money to mount a vigorous defense. Kelly initially told authorities that he is broke and needed to be freed so he could earn money, but according to our source Kelly is receiving huge royalties from his music. In a court filing prosecutors also suggested Kelly is earning large sums, stating “in the first quarter of 2020 alone, [Kelly] received over $200,000 in royalty proceeds.”

Kelly is due in court in the fall and our source said that the Chicago native will definitely take the stand. “This will be bigger than O.J. “ the  source also added “… expect Kelly to lean heavily on the fact that he can’t read or write.”

Earlier this spring, we got a look at some of the possible tactics Kelly’s team could use in his defense. One of  Kelly‘s lawyers, Douglas Anton, issued a statement insinuating that some of  the alleged victims embellished their stories, changed facts and maybe aren’t victims at all.

“Perhaps… these alleged victims are not victims at all, but only women who have been told and instructed, even peer pressured if you will, years later, that the claimed relationship they freely and voluntarily engaged in, should now, in the #metoo era, be classified as ‘bad’ or ‘abusive,’ and they are continually seeking to add facts, even if not truthful, to their story, to make the alleged events as salacious as humanly possible.”

Kelly’s currently locked up at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, where he has been incarcerated since last summer. He remains jailed without bond.

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