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John Boyega Goes TF Off On Racist “Fans”!




John Boyega is NOT to be f-ed with! The Star Wars actor is sick and tired of “racist white people” and let them have it while on Instagram live.

Don’t get it twisted, Disney may sign his checks, but they don’t control his thoughts. Boyega made that abundantly clear when verbally chin-checked followers who felt that because of his roles in movies he had no right to speak on the injustices that Black men in America face — specifically the unjust killing of George Floyd. “I’m not here to be playing no games when it comes to that racial sh!t,” the English actor stated. He followed up that sentiment by saying, “I am for my people, and that’s it. Period!” The 28-year-old also emphatically told those who attempt to All Lives Matter the situation to, “Shut Up!”

He doubled down on his sentiment by saying it louder for the people in the back — “F@*k you racist white people … and if you don’t like it go suck a d!ck!”

Boyega kept that same energy on Twitter where he promptly let his haters know he cannot be rattled!

Slow clap for John Boyega.

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