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That Kardashian Cooch Loves A NBA Player — A Working List Of Their Conquests!




Seeing any Kardashian/Jenner sister with a basketball player on her arm isn’t surprising in the least bit. Actually, it’s so common we rarely blink twice when their names are in the headlines with a new NBA star. However, when being called out on her latest pro side piece, Kendall Jenner had a clap back that we couldn’t ignore.

Apparently, social distancing guidelines haven’t stopped KJ from getting her groove on. She was recently seen on a road trip with Phoenix Suns baller Devin Booker and the two looked like they were having a grand ol’ time. However, when haters tried to imply the leggy model was being passed around the NBA, due to her past relationships with a few other players, Jenner responded in epic fashion.

That’s right, sis — you control that cooch! And, it seems, her cooch enjoys the company of dudes that dribble basketballs. But, it’s just not her, it’s her sisters as well. Let’s take a look at the many, many men that may have enjoyed a Kardashian or Jenner cooch.


Devin Booker is just the latest in a long list of NBA’ers that KJ has dated or been rumored to have dated.

In 2016, Jordan Clarkson seemed like her cup of tea. The two were spotted out about, getting cute and cuddly at Drake’s AMA after-party and even Coachella. However, that didn’t last long and Jenner never confirmed it was a real thing — but our eyes say differently.

Kendall also seemed to be a HUGE D’Angelo Russell fan. She was seen court side several times cheering him on when he was with the Lakers. Again, no confirmation though, which seems to be her thing.

2017-2018 was her Blake Griffin period. They were on-again, off-again for awhile, but things finally end when ish hit the fan and Griffin’s ex suing him for palimony.

Later in 2018, Jenner moved on with Ben Simmons. They even went on a double-date vacation with her sister Khloe and Tristan Thompson (we’ll get to them later). The relationship caught heat from the beginning with singer Tinashe claiming SHE was Simmons’ girlfriend and that he was cheating with Kendall. Eventually, T got left in the dust, but it was all for naught because Jenner and Simmons didn’t last either.

And lastly, there may have been a fling with Kyle Kuzma last year, but we’re gonna chalk this one up to friendship (with possible benefits). The two were spotted on a yacht for the 4th of July, but apparently it was a group thing, not a couple thing.


Khloe is an OG in this date ballers game. Back in the day, KK was with Rashad McCants — that is until he cheated on her and the relationship ended in embarrassing fashion for all the Keeping Up With The Kardashian viewers to see. However, if you let McCants tell it, the cheating drama was all made up for TV.

KK moved on from that drama and found more with Lamar Odom. The two got married after a mili-second and it was all good … until it wasn’t. Odom’s drug abuse spiraled out of control, allegations of cheating surfaced, and it all came to a head when the former Lakers star almost died at a Nevada brothel. The two divorced, buried the hatchet, and moved on.

There were rumors that Khloe dated Rick Fox (as odd as that sounds). Apparently, they were spotted out together on several dinner dates, but let’s just leave this weird tale in rumor-land.

But, what wasn’t a rumor was her relationship with James Harden. It was hot and heavy — then it was over. The two dated less than a year after initially meeting at Kanye West’s birthday party.

Then came Tristan Thompson. Whew chile, that’s a lot to unpack. The relationship started off on the wrong foot with many accusing Thompson of cheating on his pregnant girlfriend Jordan to get with Khloe. They made it over that hurdle just for Tristan to get caught on video motor-boating some broad at a hookah spot and inviting girls to his hotel room. They broke up for a bit, but eventually got back together after Khloe forgave him. However, he wasn’t done being foul, he then messed around (details are sketchy) with Khloe’s little sister Kylie’s best friend Jordan (yes, another Jordan). This happened AFTER the two welcomed a baby girl named True. Khloe ended thing with the Cleveland Cavalier’s player, but now people suspect she has taken her baby-daddy back. To each their own.


Before becoming Mrs. West, Kim was Mrs. Humphries — for a whole 72 days. Kardashian married Kris Humphries on August 20, 2011, when he played for the Brooklyn Nets. The spectacle of a relationship played out in front of KUWTK cameras for all to see. Humphries claimed the whirlwind saga was orchestrated for TV and so when Kim filed for divorce on October 31, 2011, he responded asking for an annulment citing fraud. The whole thing dragged out for almost two years finally ending in a divorce (while Kim was already pregnant with her and Kanye West’s first child).

Oddly enough, Kris wasn’t the only one the reveal E! may have had a hand in Kardashian relationships. It seems as though Humphries wasn’t Kim’s first-round NBA draft pick. Apparently, she and her E! producers scouted New York Knicks player Danilo Gallinari first, thinking that Kim dating a big NY athlete for the debut season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York would be ratings gold. However, Gallinari wasn’t game. After being approached by producers, who told him the exposure would be great for his career, he politely declined saying he would be happy to meet Kim but wasn’t interested in dating or being a reality-show star. Oop!

And there you have it … the long, drawn-out, complicated history of Kardashian/Jenner cooch and NBA stars.

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