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Katt Williams vs. Kevin Hart Comedy Battle … The Internet Picks Sides!




Ok, yes, it’s a hypothetically situation, but it’s still one that has the internet placing bets. If it’s a a live roast battle between Katt Williams and Kevin Hart who’s coming out on top?

After weeks of DJs, producers, rappers, and singers battling it out on Instagram Live, this question was posed on Twitter…

This is one that really could go either way. Kevin has been dominating for years, but some seem to think his act is getting stale and he just isn’t as funny as he used to be. On the flipside, just hearing the name Katt Williams will make you chuckle — but are you laughing at his jokes or (with all of his off-stage antics) has he become the joke? Plus, add in the beef the two comedians have had with each other and this could be a WWE title belt championship! Of course, Twitter weighed in and the winner may surprise you.

Katt vs. Kev … who you got?

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