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Yikes! Kevin Hart Spazzes On Katt Williams: ‘Take Responsibility … You Chose Drugs!’



This may be the realest thing Katt Williams hears all week…

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote their new comedy “Night School”, but of course the conversation turned to fellow comedian Katt Williams and why he’s always hating on Tiff. And that’s when KH went OFF!

In defense of his friend Haddish, Hart spoke some truth about Williams. First, he reminded the “Friday After Next” star that he had his shot at the top spot. “My frustration with Katt Williams comes from, you keep pointing the finger at Hollywood, the white man this, this and this — when do you take responsibility for you actions?” Hart hypothetically asked Williams who was not in attendance. “You had the shot, you were the guy … you f-d up, you became a risk to the studios which is why the studios stopped f-ing with you!” When co-host Charlmagne asked, “Why was he a risk?”, Kev answered, “He chose drugs.” BOOM!

Oh, but the “Comedic Rockstar” didn’t stop there. He also berated Katt for not using his platform to help other comedians get put on they way he used his platform not help Haddish. “Katt Williams have you ever used your platform to f-ing bring the people that were under you up? You haven’t!” Y’all Kev snapped! He continued, “whether you like me or not my presence in comedy will forever be felt because I’m a f-ing boss!”

Check out the entire interview below — The Katt convos starts around the 8-minute mark.

Now, in Katt’s defense, he did apologize to Tiffany at the Emmy awards last weekend. So, there’s that…

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