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Kamaiyah And Keyshia Cole Blast Kehlani, Singer Claps Back With Receipts



Kehlani Defends Herself After Kamiyah and Keyshoa Cole Put Her on Blast

It’s a KKK beef and we’re not talking about the clan. Music stars and fellow Bay area natives Kamaiyah and Keyshia Cole are putting fellow singer Kehlani on blast and it’s all over a song.

In case you missed it, Kamaiyah did an IG live and began shading a certain bay area singer. While she didn’t name names it became clear she was talking about Kehlani. Interestingly the ladies used to be very close , like have matching tattoos close so it was very odd to hear they weren’t speaking.

Shortly after, Kamaiyah did a second stream and revealed it came down to issues with Kehlani’s song “All Me,” which originally featured the three artists together.

“She takes me off and leaves Keyshia,” she explained. “I felt like it never should have came out, and that’s where our beef stems from, her putting out ‘All Me.'”

Kehlani took to social media to give her side and also addressed claims she called Kamaiyah “black and ghetto” saying she would never say something so harmful.

“I refuse to keep letting this fly because it’s a very unsafe dangerous lie,” she wrote. “I am black, my daughter is black, my father is black, half my family is black. And this woman was a sister to me… but I all of a sudden became colorist in a business conversation? Please think. Please.”

Meanwhile Keyshia Cole appeared on “Quarantine Chronicles” on Hollywood Unlocked and discussed her beef with Kehlani. Apparently Cole was upset that she didn’t appear in the music video for the song. Of course Kehlani pulled out the receipts to prove it was all Cole’s fault not the other way around.

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