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SZA & Her Sexy Slim Down … See The Singer’s Shocking Transformation!




SZA is a snack! The “CTRL” singer recently showed off her super svelte body and revealed she dropped the weight after tipping the scales at almost 200lbs!

OK, let’s be clear here, SZA has always been a snack, but now she’s one that’s been working on the inside and outside. The singer, real name Solana, took to Instagram to not only show off her slimmed down figure, but also share with fans what it took to transform in this way.

When asked what she did to achieve this snatched situation, SZA shared it all.

“Hiiii oki jus a quickie: 1 . everybody has abs !! I DEFINITELY DID NOT THINK I HAD ANY LMAO . They jus hiding !!! If u cut the sugar and up the reps (I do 3-4 rounds of 6 exercises a night. 15-20 reps each and DAS IT . ) I was working out sooo hard but not focusing on my abs . Cardio won’t give u abs .. I ain’t know dat and I was exhausted and PISSSSDTTTTTT 😂. l don’t like “hiit” and I don’t like wasting time lol . I focus all on abs and booty ( dead lifts no squats cause I’m quad heavy naturally ) and glut bridges w 50 or more pounds .. DAS IT DAS ALL . Honest to goodness consistency WILL GET U THERE . I promise I am not a gym person by any means I just like being out doors . you can do it anywhere !! (I learned on quarantine lol ) whenever u feel ur tummy when u contract it that’s them !! They’re there . Even if it’s squishy on top ! Don’t be discouraged !! It’ll happen . (Faster if you cut the sugar 👀) I LOVE YOU GUYS ASK ME ANYTHING and I’ll do my best to share !!”

She also revealed to a fan that she didn’t just do the work for the physical appearance, she also needed to transform inside, as well.

“Hi I used to be 200 lbs. I worked really hard on myself inner n outter and I’m kinda proud . Helps to Check in on myself specially during quarantine time. Pray ur all checking in on urselves however it works for you . Claiming wholeness and health for everybody rn !!! Stay safe and blessed !!!”

It really is quite the transformation. The stunning singer looks like this now…

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But was serving thick thick realness when she first hit the scene…




Either way, SZA is fine, fine and we salute her amazing journey!

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