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9 Celebs Share What Goes Down In Their DM’S



Nine Celebs Reveal What Goes Down In Their DM's

We all know it goes down in the DM’s. So HipHollywood had to ask some of our favorite few celebs to reveal what type of direct messages they get and if they ever actually respond. We present to you nine stars getting real about their DM’s.

9. Bre-Z

Starting off our list, from the barbershop to Hollywood, it’s the 31-year-old rapper/actress
Bre-Z. The ‘Empire’ star comes clean about going through her DM’s and will occasionally respond to her fans! Even though most of the messages are super supportive, sweet and thoughtful, she sometimes gets those spam messages rude comments. But honestly, don’t we all?

8. Kandi Burruss

Up next at #8, we have the Grammy-winning R&B artist and reality TV star Kandi Burruss, who, amongst us all hasn’t received the occasional fan letter and DMs. Luckily, most of the mes- sages she receives are all positive, praising her musical success and her beauty. But, sometimes that one weird DM somehow still slips through.

7. Nicole Bus

Coming in at #7, is the Dutch singer, Nicole Bus. The ‘You’ writer mostly gets messages that start with a boring opening line, which leaves her very unimpressed, so for those Nicole Bus fans watching this right now, take notes and learn your lesson! But don’t worry, she still gets kind messages with an interesting question at the end.

6. Sammie

The American singer and hit single ‘I Like It’ songwriter takes our #6 spot. He admits to keeping it light’ when responding, to stay away from the ‘Shade Room’ and the drama. A truly smart decision, Sammie, we applaud you. He mostly gets compliments about his good looks and hairstyles. Its mostly from, how can we say this delicately, thirsty women, but he admits he likes it… so go ahead, ladies!

5. Mario

At our #5 place is the American entertainer, best known for his singles ‘Just A Friend’ and ‘Let Me Love You’, Mario. One fan joking asked him not to share her messages as Mario is known for bringing people out of their comfort zone. The DM’s can get explicit, sexual and very inviting, but the star doesn’t seem to mind the positive attention, no harm no foul.

4. Shameik Moore and Jake Johnson

At #4 we have the ‘Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse’ voice-over stars Shameik Moore and Jake Johnson. During the press tour for their movie, both were quick to admit occasionally scroll through their direct messages. Even though Shameik gets a lot of love for ‘Spiderman’, some brave fans might ask for movie tickets. We wish the best of luck to those types of fans.

3. Keke Palmer

The Nickelodeon star and ‘Strahan, Sara and Keke’ co-star Keke Palmer comes in at #3. Keke is filled with love and support from her DM’s and sometimes will respond with a simple thank you and loving words. She also opened about how taking a picture with a fan can be a source anxiety and she tries to stay polite and refuse whenever she can.

2. Tessa Thompson

Our silver medal goes to Tessa Thompson. The ‘Creed II’ star admits to checking her co- star Michael B. Jordan’s DM’s. Tessa receives very particular DM’s of goats and selfies of her fans after voting. She also loves getting pictures of her fans cosplaying some of her famous charac- ters. But, like the rest of us, she sometimes gets some that she just can’t say out loud…

1. Michael B Jordan

Ladies and Gentleman, our #1 pick goes to our favorite bachelor Michael B. Jordan. Even though he sometimes gets crazy messages, it’s mostly mothers of young boys who are fans and are thankful for his work. Michael, whenever he can, tries to respond with a simple video and words of encouragement. Those fans you receive a personal video from Michael B. Jordan, are truly blessed.

This is our list of celeb DM’s. Have you ever gotten a response from your favorite star?



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