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Tori Spelling ‘Bout To Catch Hands Over Nicknaming Daughter “McQuisha”




We know, Tori Spelling isn’t a name you’d expect to see on HipHollywood, but when she being racist as hell we have to check her real quick.

The last time anyone really cared about what Tori was doing was when she was bopping around the high school halls on “90210”. Since then she’s been a big yawn for us — especially since she barely captured our attention on the hit 90s show. But, as often is the case for people that look like her, some stupid/racist ish has brought her back to the forefront.

The 46-year-old “actress” got on Instagram and decided to show how she’s been entertaining her kids during this whole Coronavirus quarantine situation…


That’s right — Spelling showed her a**, and blatant racism, by putting a bandana on her daughter, with Cheeto nails, and giving her a stereotypical “ethnic” name, McQuisha.

Now, y’all already know Twitter lit her a** up!

Spelling hasn’t issued the standard “I’m not racist, I have Black friends” apology … but we know it’s coming.

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