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Is Jason Derulo’s Junk Really Worth $500,000? A Gallery Of Photos To Help You Decide…



Jason Derulo is no stranger to thirst trapping, but the latest pic from his Bali vacation took things too far in the eyes of IG. However, the whole incident could earn the singer a massive pay day.

This is the photo, dubbed the “anaconda pic”, that started everything…

Although Jason is sporting swimwear in the pic, Instagram snatched it down almost as quickly as he posted it citing that it violated the community guidelines.

Jason was irate in his Instagram story:

“Y’all ain’t gonna believe this — Instagram took down my Bali pic! They took down my Bali pic! Hey, listen, all these girls showing their a** and all kinds of crazy s**t and I have underwear on in Bali and they took my pic down. It’s discrimination. Like, I understand, I can’t help my size, but you can’t take down my pic.”

In retaliation, he posted it again … kind of.

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Is this better? 😂

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But, the whole back and forth with IG got the attention of CamSoda and they want to get into bed with the well-endowed singer. Figuratively, of course. In a press release sent to HH, the company revealed their lucrative pitch.

CamSoda, a leading adult entertainment website, has formally extended an offer to Jason Derulo to freely post uncensored content – whether it be a thirst trap semi-nude underwear picture, completely nude video, picture of him in the studio or a promotional picture for his upcoming movie “Cats” – on its platform. The adult company is offering Derulo up to $500,000 in return for him updating the page daily over the course of the next six months.

Jason hasn’t responded yet, but if gives CamSoda a yes, you can probably expect more of this kind of content — maybe ever spicier!

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