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David Oyelowo Jokes He Was Shocked To Get Role In ‘Role Play’



David Oyelowo is stepping into a new type of role with the action comedy release, “Role Play.”

The British-born actor known for his impressive work in drama’s and biopics plays an unsuspecting husband whose entire world shatters when he learns his wife (played by Kaley Cuoco) is a secret agent.


Hot on the heels of his Golden Globe nominated turn in Lawman: Bass Reeves
Oyelowo told HipHollywood he loved the opportunity to do something fun but was shocked he got the offer.

“I was shocked that they came to me as a choice,” he laughed. “But also, I just love the role reversal. Kaley known more for her comedy, me, more for my dramatic stuff, and we kind of flip it a little bit within the film, she’s more the straight guy. I’m a bit more of the guy who’s sort of flailing in the wind and trying to catch up. So all of those things were a real attractive element for me.”

According to Cuoco, she’d been attached to the film for a few years and loved working with David and doing their own stunts.

“I feel like I’ve been attached to this for so long that we’ve been talking about this for a while, and I had the script in front of me for a while, and I always loved the idea. I love the idea of being able to play kind of a badass and badass mom.”

“And then when David came along, it was literally the puzzle piece that was missing the entire time,” she added. “And that was just an added gem to this project. And we have had so much fun together. I think our chemistry gleams. And from the minute we met, we were instant buds. Instant classic immediately.”

But while his next project see’s him playing a Sugar Ray Robinson in the Nate Parker produced film Sweet Thunder, Oyelowo says his dream is to do more action.

“I love the Bourne movies,” he admits. “I think everyone, every male actor was jealous of Matt Damon in those movies because it’s grounded, it’s action, but it’s also action with a, it’s not unlike this film. It’s doing a lot of things at the same time. And that film and that franchise does it. So I would have loved to do something like that.”

Directed by Thomas Vincent, Role Play premieres globally on January 12, exclusively on Prime Video.

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