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Lil Mama & Meek Mill: How Proclaiming Your Love Publicly Can Go Horribly Wrong…



Look, we proclaimed it to be a shoot you shot summer way back in June, but we’re now realizing maybe that was the best advice — especially when it comes to Lil Mama. The raptress tried to make a move on Meek Mill and, let’s just say, a comment section connection was NOT made.

Shooting you shot isn’t everyone’s love language and Lil Mama learned that the hard way (sorry boo!). It all started when Meek congratulated YG and Kehlani on their new found relationship…

That prompted Mama to hop in the comment section proclaiming, “Why you ain’t just post us?” While she was probably just joking, Mill couldn’t let her live and curved the hell out of the 29-year-old by responding, “oh ya shooting ya shot “shot” huh?”

And Meek’s response opens the floodgates with commenters putting Mama on front street … you hate to see it.

Hopefully, it was all a joke, and we’re just not in on it. Lil Mama can’t get taking Ls.

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