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Craig Robinson Look-A-Like Keith L. Williams Is A Scene Stealer In ‘Good Boys’



One look at Keith L. Williams and you’d swear he’s the son of actor Craig Robinson. Besides the uncanny resemblance and epic fro Williams is also super hilarious and has the comedic timing of a seasoned pro. Unfortunately the two aren’t related and at the time of our interview had never met.

Williams nabbed the role the old-fashioned way — by audition — after starring in a string of projects including The Last Man On EarthHipHollywood caught up with the 12-year-old (along with his Good Boys co-stars) during the film’s press day to talk about playing Lucas in the R-rated comedy, and reading the script with his parents.

“My mom handled my audition and she was like Keith you have to do this,” he explained. “She never reads over the script, she just gives it to me and … then she reads it and she’s like Oh, Ohh, Ohhhhh!”

Simply put, Williams is a definite scene stealer and delivers some of the best lines in the film. The Seth Rogen produced comedy follows the mishaps and adventures of three 6th grade nerds (Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams) who long to fit in with the cool kids. It’s raunchy, full of f-bombs and inappropriate humor and we loved it.

Good Girls star Retta and comedian Lil Rel play Williams’ on-screen parents and are equally hilarious. Meanwhile Will Forte, Molly Gordon and Midori Francis, and Millie Davis also star.

Tremblay who captivated audiences in both Room and Wonder shows off his comedic side in Good Boys as the leader of the pack on a mission to score his first kiss. He told us he was quite nervous to perform his first-kiss on screen and isn’t trying to kiss anyone else anytime soon. “It is definitely a scary-thought” joked Tremblay, “You think about it enough you’ll have nightmares.” Meanwhile writers told us they treated the scene like a sex scene. Watch the clip above.

Good Boys is in theaters August 16.

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