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Say It Ain’t So: Are Tristan Thompson And is Ex Jordy Craig Back Together?!



By now you know the story — Tristan Thompson was dating Jordan Craig, and when she was about 4 months pregnant, he left her high and dry (allegedly) to get with Khloe Kardashian. That relationship ironically imploded, but not before they too welcomed a child into the world. Now, there’s another plot twist … apparently, JC and TT are back together. #FacePalm

First and foremost, we must say this is purely speculation at this point and hopefully turns out to be false. But internet sleuths believe they have concrete proof that Thompson has gone back to his ex, and she has foolishly received him.

It all started with this pic of Jordy, her and Tristan’s son Prince, and a tropical location…

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The BOSS & me. #BossTalk

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Then Tristan, who’s been criticized in the past for not showing his son as much public affection as his daughter True (whom he shares with Khloe), posted this pic simply saying Prince was living his best life.

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My little Prince is living life 😍

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He never said he was with Prince. And certainly didn’t say he was with Jordy. But, the internet now believes this proves that the two have reunited on a tropical vacation and are effectively back in a coupled up relationship.

The reach.

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