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Blac Chyna Caught Lying About Harvard Acceptance — Internet Cackles!



There were lots of cheers for Blac Chyna when she announced that she had be accepted to Harvard’s Business School Online. However, those cheers quickly turned to jeers when, just hours later, Harvard blasted Blac, real name Angela White, as a liar!

It all started with a little digging by TMZ. The gossip site reported that a massive scam had been unearthed revealing a man by the name of Christian Emiliano (a self-described Social Media Renaissance Man) who offered to get folks like Chyna into the Ivy League certificate program, do the work for them and give them all the props. Apparently, Blac turned the offer down, but claims she decided to enroll herself. She then produced this document as proof of her acceptance.

Before long, TMZ had reported that Harvard told them directly, “Harvard Business School Online has not admitted nor provided an acceptance letter to a person named Angela White.” Basically, the letter was fake and Blac is a bold face liar! Now, y’all already know Twitter had a field day with this news…

And, of course, the Kardashian comparisons came rolling in…

Of course, Angela has been radio silent — but, do you feel bad for her or did she bring this on herself?

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