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What do Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali have in common besides starring in the new film Green Book? The talented actors both have names that commonly get mispronounced. HipHollywood sat down with the duo to talk about not only the film but also how often people butcher their names.

“I still just relish in the times when someone says my name right,” laughed Mahershala. “I’m really appreciative of those times.”

Meanwhile, Mortensen, who plays Tony Vallelonga, a rough around the edges New York bouncer whose name is always getting mispronounced, told us he could definitely relate.

“I’ve had people say, Virg, Virgo, Vito, Vigot, Vygo” explained Mortensen. “I just go, yeah, it doesn’t matter, eventually they’ll figure it out.”

Ali even had to admit that his wife is one of those who have mispronounced Mortensen’s last name and told him while they were filming to her complete embarrassment.

“She was like, no you didn’t,” laughed the Oscar-winning actor. “It was a couple years ago. She’s like we have to go see that new Captain Fantastic movie with Viggo Mortinson, and I’m like, it’s not More-tin-son, it’s Mort-en-son. So we had a whole moment about it.”

And speaking of moments, these two will definitely make you laugh, cry and cringe in this feel good film. Ali brilliantly plays Dr. Don Shirley, a world-renowned pianist who develops a lifelong friendship with his Italian driver (Mortensen).

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